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Do Australians really understand what this carbon tax is about?

I was struck by a comment in this Australian story about the carbon tax passing today through the House of Representatives. Its not the first time I have seen comments that completely show no understanding of the carbon tax.





“People with respiratory complaints will most certainly benefit with what will be cleaner air for them.” . […]

Former Prime Minister John Howard says Australia would be crazy to have a carbon tax

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has mentioned several times in the last week that former Prime Minister John Howard took an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to the 2007 election. Here John Howard is interviewed by ABC carbon tax supporter Barrie Cassidy , and refutes Julia Gillard. John Howard says Australia should not move ahead […]

Julia Gillard confronted over Carbon Tax lie

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is confronted by a real voter who questions her on her lie before the election where she claimed ” There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. This lie gave the Labor Party the chance to slip into government. Julia Gillard still denies she lied in this […]

Why the Carbon Tax is not like the GST

Once the GST was passed by the Australian Parliament most people accepted the GST as a new tax, and a done deal. Many people may have whinged about its implementation, the dreaded BAS form, and all that is involved in the GST. Ultimately in the end, nearly everyone agrees that the Federal Government has to […]

Most Australians do not believe in Climate Change being man-made

The latest survey from Essential Media shows that the majority of Australians do not believe that Climate Change is caused by mankind.

More interestingly a bare majority of Labor voters (53%) believe that “Climate change is happening and is caused by human activity”. This will be interesting when Prime Minister Julia Gillard brings in […]

More Tim Flannery Hyperbole

Professor Tim Flannery speaking on ABC Radio Darwin here, interviewed by a fawning ABC announcer, makes more way out comments about Climate Change.

He says that most Climate Change skeptics are “men over 65”. This is contracticted by this Galaxy Poll here that shows that two thirds of the population now do not believe that […]

“The great moral challenge of our generation” Kevin Rudd

The Great Moral Challenge, but Kevin Rudd now thinks its a challenge that can be put off for a few years. Kevin Rudd who said we had to have the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) in place before Copenhagen December 2009, to set an example to the world. We would loose the […]