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England has it coldest summer in 18 years

The carbon dioxide levels go up every year. The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) forecasts show that the world should be warming more and more, yet observation does not match those computer models.

England has had its coldest summer since 1993, with an average temperature of 15C. The normal average is 17C. This is not […]

Climate Change Commission increases the scare-mongering

The Climate Commission headed by Professor Tim Flannery is not making much headway with its support of its employers carbon tax, the Federal Government Labor/Green alliance.  So today Tim Flannery is spruiking the Department of Climate Change report Climate Change Risks to Australia’s Coasts. It made the South Australian news as Tim Flannery and his […]

Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said.

Australian Green Senator Bob Brown wants you to forget what he said in 2007. He wants you to forget that he said that he wanted the coal industry shut down. He was quite happy in 2007 to have tens of thousands of jobs lost, whole towns wiped out,  support industries shut down.

He said in 2007 […]

Tim Flannery appointed Climate Commissioner

Yet another climate change committee

The Federal Labor/Green alliance government, not content with wasting the taxpayers money on the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, is going to waste another $5.6 million dollars  on a Climate Commission headed by Tim Flannery. This Commission according to Minister Greg Combet  “It will provide expert advice on climate […]

2010 was the third wettest year on record in Australia

The Bureau of Meteorology has announced that 2010 was the 3rd wettest year on record (since 1900) . As well it was Australia’s coolest year since 2001. It was not too many years ago (2007) that the Bureau of Meteorology was telling us that Global Warming meant “climate projections that foreshadow general drying across […]

More Tim Flannery Hyperbole

Professor Tim Flannery speaking on ABC Radio Darwin here, interviewed by a fawning ABC announcer, makes more way out comments about Climate Change.

He says that most Climate Change skeptics are “men over 65”. This is contracticted by this Galaxy Poll here that shows that two thirds of the population now do not believe that […]