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The ABC gets dragged closer to the mainstream

After years of listening to ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) reporters uncritically report the latest Climate change doomsday story, there is finally change in the air. You can read the interview here with the Chairman of the ABC Maurice Newman, where Brendan Trembath spends most of his time trotting out the usual “the melting of polar ice caps” line (Antarctic sea ice is growing), rather than addressing the ABC problem that they have accepted the AGW line completely with no criticism, or analysis for years.

The Australian has more here where they have more details of his speech. Of course those that push the AGW line have to compare criticism of the ABC with something more outrageous – like apartheid – Peter Martins example is here. As usual if you disagree with the mainstream Climate change line then you must be some sort of subversive that would have supported the South African government in the 1970s, disbelieved the holocaust, or some other slander.


Off course the Climate Change alarmist media has gone crazy with this. Crikey here of course requires you to be a climatologist if you have anything adverse to say on climate change – but if you have a pro Climate Change alarmist view like Clive Hamilton (He holds an arts degree from the Australian National University – majoring in history, psychology and pure mathematics) you don’t need to be a Climatologist, and can write on Climate Change all you like on

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